Creating your own painting is a way to capture your own memories on canvas whether it be for yourself or as a gift for
someone's special event.  

Let me tell you the story behind this painting.
It will explain how I can help you create your painting

I was inspired to create this still life with the idea to capture the 4 generations of females in my family without it being an
'official' family portrait. I asked each one to give me an object that they were fond of or one they felt represented them
as an individual.

Here is the description of the objects, left to right:

Light House: my nephew's wife, she loves the beach and lighthouses.

Dress on the hanger: my niece, it was her wedding dress (that says it all).

Metal (hanging on dress hanger): my sister in law, her metal for running the NYC Marathon, what an accomplishment.

Doll: my grand niece, the doll was given to her on her 1st birthday from her great grandma & pa.

Cat (in doll's lap): my niece, which represents her precious real 'Charlie cat'.

Girl with horse: my grand niece, (a prize horseback rider at the age of 5), given to her as a gift from her grand aunt and
uncle (yours truly).

Pink Ballet slippers: my niece, who took up dance from the age of 4 to college years.
Cup and saucer: my sister, who loves her many Lenox collectibles.

Precious Moment Nurse: my sister in law, who is a nurse, given to her by her girls.

Bridal doll: my own personal doll from my mom. Mom made the dress in a very close image of my actual wedding dress.

Sewing Machine: my Mom, who was a seamstress most of her life, and made clothes for all of us girls at one point in her

1st Place Soccer Trophy: my niece, her proud moment at the age of 8 for coming in first place.

I am sure some ideas have come to mind from this description on how to create your own 'symbolic portrait'. Memories
on canvas last forever, let me paint this unique still life for you. Think of the joy this treasured heirloom can bring to you,
your family and your friends.
Paintings are priced according to number of items in the still life and the size of the canvas.
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